Easy to Share

Easy to Share

We got our own personal web address to make it easier to share, especially from an exchange apart from the internet. I contemplate all the ways that I am supposed to get "traffic" from the world wide web. How I am supposed to "make millions by someone's formula.  Sell expensive items to increase margins, get separate websites for each kind of item." 

Not one word about the joy and connections of doing business with people who care and with Artisans who understand cooperations and the joy of prospering through connections. I want Just Connections to succeed. Unless I do, there are many who will have a rougher time and many wonderful people who want to buy with compassion who will be relegated to this system of More Money only and Bottom lines, etc. 

You, are partners in this wonderful enterprise. I'm not religious, but the compassion of bringing more love into the world that is sometimes upheald by our Holiday celebrations as well as by our actions in crisis is the way I want to live my life on a daily basis. 



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