Of Tribal Beauty and Commerce

Of Tribal Beauty and Commerce

Some of the world's most beautiful photography features the most amazing Omo people, but in photographing them the artist helped ruin their very lives. Tourists descended on them turning their lives upside down. The Ethiopian government is not helping but causing a lot of the displacement. You can read about them here: http://www.survivalinternational.org/tribes/omovalley

Tarahumara Girl With Handwoven Basket

It is important that as we seek to help and connect that we are careful to preserve what peoples have to offer. That is one of the goals fo Just Connections, to help preserve traditional crafts and cultural identities. Forty years ago I went to Northern Mexico and drove where there were no roads to find the Tarahumas and their beautiful pottery and drums. They were deeply connected to the land and carefully used what they had. They lived in forested areas and deep in the warmer valleys of Copper Canyon.Several years later they were discovered by American and European tourists.  It is hard to find an authentic Tarahumara pot any more and many of their creations were merely stolen. Diseases were brought to them and their crafts were degraded as money became more important and commercial enterprises were quick to try to make a profit from their art. 

With your help we are making Just Connections, not just connections for profit. Holding hands with the Artisans, not taking all we can with no regard for what we are doing and all of our futures. Thanks for being here.



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