The Joy and Power of Connection


I have bought into the false belief that money is power. Along the way, though, I have discoved that although money can be a road to power but it is actually just part of a thought system that collectively gives power to those who seem to have it. In the many years and cultures I have experienced in my life, I observe that community and connections brings lasting power with no abusive side affects. Just Connections is an alternative way of thinking about power and how we use money.

We are so connected globally by our communication devises as well as by the ease at which we travel the globe, and yet there are so many events that seem to be dividing us. Maybe for once though, we can look at what is keeping us united. One of our most basic universal desires are for joy or happiness. Sometimes our current cultures leave little time for the genuine and conscious experience of joy that can come from simple things. As we learn about artists in other cultures and experience their values through their expressions of what life is about, we can share with them and honor their creations and our connections by bringing their beautiful art into our lives and sending a little prosperity into theirs. 

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