Taffeta Roll Up Bags with Gold Longevity Symbol

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These Eco friendly Shopping Bags are made out of Taffeta with the Longevity Symbol, the Chinese Symbol for Longevity can enforce our affirmation for attaining our best life, "Good Fortune". This unique bag can roll up and store in your purse, briefcase or backpack until ready to use.

  • Measures 20" high x 16" wide with two straps (8-1/4" drop length)
  • Rull up snap closure, front pocket
  • Available in Black, Blue and Purple

Auka Exports

Kalden Dorjee’s is the proprietor of Auka Exports, it was founded in 2003, providing sourcing and exporting services to clients in addition to the ongoing in-house design and manufacturing unit, From 2 staff at the time of inception, Auka Exports now employs 8 people on a regular basis and 2 part–time basis, From a humble beginning of one client, today we have a clientele of 15-20 from various countries. He is committed to working with artisans all over the world and promoting their various crafts and in the process making them self reliant with sustainable business.